This page contains our latest software releases and a set of developer resources to help you get started with Open Permit development.

Mailing List

The GitHub forum is where most communication will happen. Please contact us at support@openpermit.org if you have problems.


Relevant developer news will also be broadcast via the Open Permit Twitter account.

Code Repositories

The API specs and other documentation as well as code libraries and other source code will be distributed via the Open Permit account on Github. Reference to other third party code and other resources will be referenced from this page.

Issue Tracking

The Open Permit issue tracker is primarily used to track the development of the Open Permit specs. This is not the place to report issues with the code libraries or specific implementations of Open Permit. If you find a problem with a specific implementation, please help notify the owner of the endpoint or let us know at support@openpermit.org and we will make sure to bring it up to the right organization.

Reference Implementations


Below you can find a set of reference implementations to get you up and running quickly with OpenPermit on the server side.


Current releases and links to different server platforms below:


Source code on GitHub


Coming soon...



openpermit.js is a Client Side Javascript library that provides wrappers around the Open Permit APIs. The library wraps API calls and provides utility functions to filter permit requirement checklists, calculate fees and other tasks.


Currently openpermit.js is at v0.3.0. The library is under heavy research and development and the API is very unstable. We encourage you to download and play with it, but do not expect the API to remain consistent.

Even better if you would like to contribute or have any feedback, head over to the GitHub repo or get in contact with us at support@openpermit.org.


Coming soon...